August 19th

Today we went on a journey of remembrance with Clive Newman visiting townships that were for the black and colored citizens. Before we started our tour we stop at Cecil B. Rhodes memorial and looked at the view. There were many mountains tops, grassy areas, and beautiful houses and apartments. The view was just incredible and breathe taking. As we made our way to the first town I noticed the sign had smoke stakes symbols next to the name of the town. Once we arrived at the first township there wasn’t much grass and all the houses were built next to each other and cluttered behind each other. There wasn’t any room for children to play nor a yard for the parents/parent to enjoy. I was instantly sadden when I found out numerous of people were forced out of their homes to these unsettling conditions.Many informal housing covered the area instead of more stable larger residents. Clive also informed us that the street names consist of being Native Yard 1/NY1 and that the street numbers were not parallel to each other. Listening to Clive explain the conditions lots of individuals had to endure I can’t blame some people for passing as white. In the novel Playing in the Light I can understand why Marion parents left everything behind to pose as another race. As a human being you want to be valued and treated fairly, if a person is steadily getting kicked down then their self-worth plummets. Having to make the choice of posing as another race is not only a sacrifice but dangerous as well if they were ever found out. I feel that during Apartheid lives of several non-white individuals was hard and although some people were able to pass as white, they sacrifice their self-identity in the process. Overall this tour help me realize how much damage apartheid did to non-whites and understand the choices others made in order to better their lives.


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