August 14th

Today we visited the District Six Museum with Ebraham he told us about District 6 community and how he used to live their when he was a child. He described to us the memories he had and how your next door neighbors also became your second set of parents. District 6 originally had a mixer of different ethnic groups that made up a community . Through the pictures I was able to see how lively the neighbor once was. I also was about to see how close the community become a tint knit group. I was sad to discovered that they were forced into removals to different  townships that were set up for their own racial group. I found out their homes were knock down and the remains was dumped into the bottom of the ocean.  It must have been very hard form them to leave their comfortable and secure surroundings for something unknown. I was sad to find out that sometimes several citizens would have to leave with just the clothes on their backs and whatever money that was in their pocket’s. This trip to the museum allowed me to see the effects the Group Area Act had on a neighbored and also the love the community still had for one another.




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