August 12th

Today we visited the African arts whole sale market with Luke. We were able to look and scout all kinds of traditional art for a low price. The art was very beautiful and from different parts of Africa and different tribes. I definitely did not want any fertility art work yet! Lake took us on a small tour on long street were he showed us were we could also get some traditional clothing made.



The clothing was trends and patterns I never seen before. The designers are amazing and very talented. After shopping for a few hours we decided to shop for launch at Luke friend’s café. It was a very cozy and relaxed atmosphere that  had a simple menu with delicious dessert. The chocolate cake that is served  there is wonderful and pure joy. The cake was very moist and the chocolate was not over powering it actually was just right.

Later that evening we attended a play called Hayani at the Baxter theater. The play explores what home means in South Africa. The play portrays into two unique stories of how  South Africans reveal themselves as  complex, honest and journey towards understanding themselves as South Africans and what it means to be a South African. The actors were great entertainers as they play each other’s parents and siblings. There was also music in the background to capture it moment perfectly. The audience was able to go on a journey with them through their story telling. The play was also in English and Xhosa. Several times when the Xhosa language was used it was hard for me to follow but his body gesture and his facial moments helped a little.






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