August 4th

Today my classmates went to hike at Lion’s Head however, me and my roommate Demetris were unable to go because we were not feeling well. Dr. Murphy came in our room to check on us and ask did we want to go to the market with her and to run errands. I looked at Demetris then I looked at Dr. Murphy and responded, “no.” My stomach was hurting so bad I don’t think I could have made it a block. Before Dr. Murphy departed she gave me a pill that she thought would help me feel better. Once I took the pill I was out cold and and I woke up 2 hours before our other roommates made it back. Once they made it in, they were walking slowly to their beds and said, Lion’s head was beautiful but, it was hard to climb. Despite100_4528 it being hard Jamie and Roneshia were happy they climb the mountain. I’m kinda of sad I was able to climb Lion’s Head too that must have been awesome.


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