August 2nd

100_4479Today we visited the Cape Castle, Slave Lodge, and The Company. While touring I learned that the Dutch created it’s architecture and that there were slaves that were from Bali, Indonesia, and West Africa. The Ditch took a variety of people as slaves so they would have farmland and craftsman’s. I also  learned that the Cape Castle was in unsanitary condition and had a strong odor due to the lack of windows. The slaves were kept in a room that had no light and only a hole in the for them to relieve themselves. The room was just a red brick room that was surround by the ocean so the wall would often get wet at night causing a cold draft. As a result one, two, or three dead bodies would be found in the morning.

100_4482Since so many people were dying they had to keep a surplus of people that most of the slaves they acquired were for the Cape Castle. Our tour guide Abraham  had us in the room and to get to the room you had to travel through a narrow passage way. I told our tour guide Abraham I was claustrophobic and he said, slaves did not have a choice, they went where they were told. As I standing in the room and Abraham said, “50 people were stored in here”. I said, aloud “that’s a lot of people”. This room was really small, it the size of regular size bedroom I am thinking people was  so crowded together they did not have enough room to stretch their limbs or breath if they were  claustrophobic.  I think the individuals who survived this were strong mentally, spiritually, and physically because this conditions were not for the weak hearted and I really don’t know If I  could have survived  if I was born in that time period.  As we were touring I was surprised to discovered the government offered Cape Castle for sale and the Military bought it. So it become a Military base and is still used today by the Military.100_4517

At the slave lodge I learned the British was responsible  for it’s architecture and their  style was different from the Dutch. The British also kept slaves at the lodge to work on the mountain from sun up to sun down. This is where the British would also set up an auction block were families were broken up and strip apart.  There also exhibit of the Passage ships took to get the slave lodge and how they would store slave below deck. While touring this museums I were sad to learn and hear this information but, I realized this museums are here so we can remember, honor,  and pay our respect. It can also inspire us to be better human beings and teach us about ourselves and things we value.


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