September 2, 2013

Today Nelson from Calabash Tours pick us up for our tour. He took us all around Port Elizabeth but first he started in our domain. I didn’t know we were so close to so many restaurants. Yay! I was shocked there was a casino close by too. I was feeling a little lucky and I hoped i didn’t lose too much money, Nelson also took us to visited a black township and a black middle class neighborhood. I was sadden at the sights of the informal housing because it’s 2013 and people still have to live in those enslaved conditions. It just made me realized in today’s era we still have to work on promoting and achieving changes for all. 


September 1, 2013

Today we visited the world’s highest bungy bridge in Bloukrans in South Africa. At first I was skeptical about participating because I was very nervous. Once I paid my money, my uneasiness was set aside because I knew there was no going back. As we were crossing to the bridge, I was shocked to discover the cross walk was a see through. Instantly I was scared the the crosswalk  was going to collapse . Once we made it over, our tour guide announced this bugy jump was a 100% safe.  Immediately I thought if that was true, why did i have to sign a wavier! When the tour guide announced i was going first, I thought he was joking. As I was at the edge of  bridge receiving my countdown I instantly thought, “what the heck am i doing”.  Immediately I took a leap of faith into the unknown and while i was hanging upside down I thought the view was very peaceful. It was an amazing experience I’m so glad I did it. 




August 31, 2013

We visited The Knysna Elephant Park and it was a blast! There were nine elephants present and the adult elephants were very mischievous. As we were touring their sleeping quarters I noticed their space was small with barley any room to roam around. I was surprised to discover that people could spend the night in the same room as the elephants for a special fee. I wonder for a second is it comfortable and how cold at night does it get? When we arrived to see the elephants the were lined up in a row behind a metal bar. They seemed to be very trained and broken in. We were able to feed the adults elephants by handing the food to their tusks but we had to throw the baby elephants food on the ground because they were not trained yet. It was a cool experiencing the elephant’s eat food from my hand with their trunk!

August 29th

Today was our last study aboard class and to celebrate we had movie night in our apartment. We ended up watching The Number 1 Women’s Detective Agency. It was very good but I’m sad to discover that only 1 season was made. It is a really good television series and I will watch the other episodes as well.

August 28th

Today we were able to meet a young man named Innocent.  His life story really touched my heart and I able to hear how much adversity he over came. During his life story Innocent spoke some very inspirational words of wisdom. I also realized I shouldn’t let the small things get me down and I should let my faith lead me in all that I do. Innocent story also reminded me of what other African citizens must face as well on a daily basis. I realized that I am very blessed and should treasure and appreciate even the smallest thing.

August 27th

Today we visited Beth Uriel and it was an honor and pleasure to meet Lindsey. While Lindsey was speaking I could see how passionate she was about her job. The stories of the young men really touch my heart. I was also happy to hear that two young men who were brothers were able to find each other there. Usually after being displaced due to war family members do not have the opportunity to see each other again.

Beth Uriel is a great organization that tries to help as many young men as possible. Due to having limited space they can only take a selected number of young men at a time. They also have a great activity plan to keep the individuals active and  around positive influences. Even through this organization can’t save everyone, they are saving and changing lives.



August 25th

Hilton Hermanus took  us to Columba Church in Guglethu  for  20th anniversary commemoration event of Amy Biehl. It was through a documentary that I learned about Amy’s death and her accomplishments. It was such an honor to attend her anniversary  service because she was a beautiful person who just wanted to help people especially black citizens during apartheid. The event was mainly in Xhosa with a little bit of English dialogue. The singing was done in Xhosa but the lyrics were so beautiful that we started clapped along. There was a moment were the choir went to the front of the church and started singing a song that was very rhythmic.  Overall the service was very beautiful and I learned that each day is a precious blessing.

After the service we were able to meet Mrs. Linda Biehl and she was happy to meet us and she introduced us to one of her granddaughters. We march to the site were Amy was killed and were her memorial statue is placed. We placed flowers on her memorial and listed to speakers who knew Amy talk about her. While listening I came to understand how the Amy Biehl Foundation was started. Linda has showed my the depths of how forgiveness can heal and save a life. Linda is truly a remarkable women and it was an honor to meet her. I will never forget her or her daughter story.